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Cooperation between ASC and BUA

data:2021-06-19 16:08

· To exchange professional information: both organizations on a regular basis and in a good manner will inform each other about the architecture and urban planning activities of the countries and share experiences.
· To improve professional qualifications: both organizations will conduct joint events to improve the professional skills of architects in their countries.
· To preserve architectural, historical and cultural heritage, to rebuild particular facilities, to restore: both organizations will exchange information and experience, cooperate in the preservation of historical and cultural heritage with a special emphasis on urban revitalization of the historical planning structure of historical centers and restoration of their facilities, the revitalization of historical centers and their architecture with the organization of joint events for this purpose.
· To organize joint events: both organizations collaborating conduct joint events and exhibitions on architecture and urban planning at the level of managers and representatives. In addition to the organizations private invitations, the travel expenses of guests will be covered by the guest organization, while the accommodation expenses - by the host organization.
· To support young architects: both organizations are obliged to support the work of young architects by participating in joint activities.
· To provide assistance: both organizations conduct and participate in joint activities to support properly historical and cultural centers in their countries, as well as traditional and modern architecture.
· To provide architectural education: both organizations promote the development of educational cooperation between schools of architects of their countries. In this context, they will support joint activities and programs for student and teacher exchange.