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Selection Rules of Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize

data:2021-06-19 16:12

In accordance with the Selection Methods of Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize, the selection rules are specified as follows:
I. Nomination Process:
Nominations for Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize combine individual nominations and recommendations from the Nominating Committee. Internationally, any person active in the field of architecture (except those who serve on current jury of Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize) may become a nominee for the Prize, as long as that person meets the criteria stated in Term III of the Selection Methods.
1. Individual nominations
Liang Sicheng Prize laureates, architects, academics, architecture critics, architect groups, and architecture design organizations may make nominations of candidates who meet the criteria. To nominate, the following materials should be submitted to the Architectural Society of China in both Chinese and English:
(1) A letter of recommendation signed by the nominator;
(2) A completed form of nominee’s information: including full name in the native language and in English, date of birth, position and title, contact information, one digital portrait photograph, educational and professional experience, publications, awards, introduction of the nominee’s architectural ideas and design experience; and 5 to 10 built projects, each with one photograph of the project after completion (with project name, location and completion time).
2. Nomination recommendation and shortlist determination by the Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee of Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize review and vote via meetings (or E-mail and the Internet)  on the above list of individually nominated persons, with additional recommendations of architects who meet the criteria of Term III, to make the full list of nominees. After the final voting by the entire Committee, the nominees with more than half of votes will be included in the shortlist. 
3. The Architectural Society of China will notice the nominees to submit detailed personal and professional materials, in accordance to the requirements specified in Term II of this Selection Rules, to be evaluated by the Jury.
II. Review Procedure
1) The shortlisted candidates are required to submit a completed form of condidate’s detailed information to the Architectural Society of China in both Chinese and English: including name, place of birth, nationality, date of birth, employer, profession and title, ne digital portrait photograph, academic degrees, professional experience, social and professional engagement, awards, published books and articles, candidate’s professional experience responds to the core value of the Prize ( architectural ideas, academic studies, design reflections and experience, in no more than 1500 words, in both Chinese and English);  a portfolio: project list in chronological order; each project filled in each form, introducing project name, location, scale, time of completion, principal architects and design team, project introduction; and 5 to 10 photographs or drawings of the built project.
2. Review
The Architectural Society of China organizes the Jury review of the Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize. The Jury members undertake overall deliberations on the shortlisted candidates and vote by secret ballot. Each round eliminates half of the remaining candidates to generate the winner list and ranking. In the end two winners are selected.
III. Review Result Announcement 
Review result and jury list will be published on the official website of the Architectural Society of China and related domestic and international media platforms within one month after the selection is completed.